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Something disables my creatures

Hi there. I'm kinda new to ICECreatureControl, but already have to fix a little bug. The problem is that when another player connects to a room (so that he isn't Master client), he doesn't see any creatures. They actually are in a scene, but GameObjects of creatures are disabled.

I suppose, something calls SetActive(false) for the creatures, but I don't know what exactly does so.

Could you please tell me what might be doing this?

Hi ChazAshley, please check the ICENetworkSpawner and disable 'Deactivate Scene Creatures' ... by default this function is true and disables all creatures which are already at the start in your scene ... this feature avoids that reference creatures in your scene can be killed by mistake during the gameplay ... this should fix this issue.

Have a great day!

Okay, I found ICEWorldNetworkSpawner and the 'Deactivate Scene Creatures' feature was disabled. 

Hello again.

I have created a new scene without unneeded stuff but with some creatures.

The problem is, creatures are kind of stuck to the zero point, I mean (0; 0; 0) in world space. On master side they walk good, but on another client they are stucked. Also I can notice a little movement of creatures, like (0.134, 0, 0.234), and then they again teleport to the zero point.

Also, when the master client closes the game and another client becomes master, then creatures start to move around like they are supposed  to do.

Here is a screenshot with selected creature and its info. (this project also uses UFPS MP, Photon PUN)

What might cause this weird behaviour?

Did you figure this out?

I am about to embark on ICC with UFPS-MP, and would sure like to know what kind of shenanigans I might have to get up to in order to make this work.