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  1. Open your Player Settings and add ICE_UFPS to the Scripting Define Symbols.
  2. Add the ICEWorldDamageAdapter to your creatures.

Now the integration is done and you can start to prepare your creature as desired e.g. equip it with a ICECreatureRangedWeapon or ICECreatureMeleeWeapon and enjoy the fight ...

Here you can find further information about the integration ...
... and here about the damage handling ...

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Hi, I tried this and am now getting a strange compile error:

Assets/ICE/ICEIntegration/Scripts/Core/Editor/Components/ICEWorldNetworkSpawnerEditor.cs(66,155): error CS1061: Type `ICE.Integration.Adapter.ICEWorldNetworkSpawner' does not contain a definition for `UseDeactivateSceneCreatures' and no extension method `UseDeactivateSceneCreatures' of type `ICE.Integration.Adapter.ICEWorldNetworkSpawner' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

I commented out this line for now and it runs.

I am also trying to get my UFPS integration going again, I upgraded from 2015 code to latest today and now they cant attack me etc and I cant attack them, it would be great to get that integration going again. I think ICE has really good potential but I am struggling to get my enemies behaving as they did in the old version. They wont come after me..

Please open your Player Settings and add ICE_CC and ICE_UFPS_MP to the Scripting Define Symbols.

If your creatures ignore your player, it seems that they can't detect him. A typical mistake here are different target names, so just try to select the player not by his name but rather by his tag. For this just open the player target and change the selection mode from NAME to TAG within the target object line and select the desired tag (e.g. Player).


I tried the tag thing but no luck.  


edit: Ah I see you need to make an interaction with behaviour WALK to get him to come towards you. He is following me now! Now how to get him to attack you ? For that I just define an interactor using ATTACK and then set it to higher priority than the walk one ?

I dont really see how you go from one interaction to another?

OK I worked it out, things are working well, what I missed was:

Behaviours->Walk->Movement->viewing direction->Center (I also selected BIPED).

This seems to work very nicely. I must say I am very impressed with ICE, and I am sorry for all the questions, th learning curve initially is a bit steep, but if you dedicate 2 or 3 long evening to learning it, it is very much worth it.