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ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SpawnPointObject ()
 SpawnPointObject (SpawnPointObject _point)
 SpawnPointObject (TargetObject _target)
 SpawnPointObject (GameObject _object)
 SpawnPointObject (GameObject _object, float _min, float _max)
 SpawnPointObject (GameObject _object, Vector3 _size)
void SetSpawnPointGameObjectByTag (string _tag)
void SetSpawnPointGameObjectByName (string _name)
GameObject[] GetAllSpawnPointGameObjects ()
GameObject GetBestSpawnPointGameObject ()
 Gets the best spawn point game object. More...
Vector3 GetSpawnPosition (float _base_offset=0)
 Gets the spawn position. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointDataObject
 SpawnPointDataObject ()
 SpawnPointDataObject (SpawnPointDataObject _point)
void Copy (SpawnPointObject _point)


bool IsValid [get]
string SpawnPointName [get]
string SpawnPointTag [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointDataObject
TargetAccessType AccessType = TargetAccessType.OBJECT
bool UseRandomRect = false
Vector3 RandomRect =
float SpawningRangeMin = 0
float SpawningRangeMax = 5
float SpawningRangeMaximum = 100
float LevelDifference = 250
float LevelDifferenceMaximum = 1000
float LevelOffset = 0
float LevelOffsetMaximum = 10
bool IsPrefab = false
GameObject SpawnPointGameObject = null

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SpawnPointObject ( )
ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SpawnPointObject ( SpawnPointObject  _point)
ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SpawnPointObject ( TargetObject  _target)
ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SpawnPointObject ( GameObject  _object)
ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SpawnPointObject ( GameObject  _object,
float  _min,
float  _max 
ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SpawnPointObject ( GameObject  _object,
Vector3  _size 

Member Function Documentation

GameObject [] ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.GetAllSpawnPointGameObjects ( )
GameObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.GetBestSpawnPointGameObject ( )

Gets the best spawn point game object.

The best spawn point game object.

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Vector3 ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.GetSpawnPosition ( float  _base_offset = 0)

Gets the spawn position.

The spawn position.
_base_offsetBase offset.

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void ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SetSpawnPointGameObjectByName ( string  _name)

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void ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SetSpawnPointGameObjectByTag ( string  _tag)

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Property Documentation

bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.IsValid
string ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SpawnPointName
string ICE.Creatures.Objects.SpawnPointObject.SpawnPointTag

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