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ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ReferenceDataObject ()
 ReferenceDataObject (GameObject _object)
bool Compare (GameObject _object)
 Compares the specified _object with the reference object. More...
bool CompareByName (string _name)
 Compares the specified name with the name of reference object. More...
bool CompareByTag (string _tag)
 Compares the specified tag with the tag of reference object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.EntityDataObject
 EntityDataObject ()
 EntityDataObject (EntityDataObject _data)
void Copy (EntityDataObject _data)

Public Attributes

GameObject Reference = null
bool GroupByTag = false
bool PoolManagementEnabled = false
bool UseSoftRespawn = true
int InitialSpawnPriority = 0
int MaxCoexistingObjects = 25
int MaxCoexistingObjectsMaximum = 100
bool UseInitialSpawn = false
float MinSpawnInterval = 10
float MaxSpawnInterval = 60
float RespawnIntervalMax = 360
bool UseMaxSpawnCycles = false
int MaxSpawnCycles = 25
int MaxSpawnCyclesMaximum = 100
bool UseRandomization = false
float RandomSizeMin = 0
float RandomSizeMax = 0
bool UseGroupParent = false
GameObject CustomGroupParent = null

Protected Attributes

int m_SpawnCycles = 0


SpawnerObject Spawner [get, set]
List< SpawnPointObjectSpawnPoints [get, set]
CullingOptionsObject CullingOptions [get, set]
ReferenceStatusObject Status [get]
GameObject ReferenceGameObject [get, set]
string Key [get]
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.EntityDataObject
EntityClassType EntityType [get]
new ICECreatureEntity EntityComponent [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureControl instance or null. More...
ICECreatureControl EntityCreature [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureControl instance or null. More...
ICECreaturePlayer EntityPlayer [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreaturePlayer instance or null. More...
ICECreaturePlant EntityPlant [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreaturePlant instance or null. More...
ICECreatureItem EntityItem [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureItem instance or null. More...
ICECreatureLocation EntityLocation [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureLocation instance or null. More...
ICECreatureWaypoint EntityWaypoint [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureWaypoint instance or null. More...
ICECreatureMarker EntityMarker [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureMarker instance or null. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.ReferenceDataObject ( )
ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.ReferenceDataObject ( GameObject  _object)

Member Function Documentation

bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.Compare ( GameObject  _object)

Compares the specified _object with the reference object.


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bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.CompareByName ( string  _name)

Compares the specified name with the name of reference object.

true, if the compared names are identic, false otherwise.

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bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.CompareByTag ( string  _tag)

Compares the specified tag with the tag of reference object.

true, if the compared tags are identic, false otherwise.

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Member Data Documentation

GameObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.CustomGroupParent = null
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.GroupByTag = false
int ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.InitialSpawnPriority = 0
int ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.m_SpawnCycles = 0
int ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.MaxCoexistingObjects = 25
int ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.MaxCoexistingObjectsMaximum = 100
int ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.MaxSpawnCycles = 25
int ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.MaxSpawnCyclesMaximum = 100
float ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.MaxSpawnInterval = 60
float ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.MinSpawnInterval = 10
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.PoolManagementEnabled = false
float ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.RandomSizeMax = 0
float ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.RandomSizeMin = 0
GameObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.Reference = null
float ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.RespawnIntervalMax = 360
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.UseGroupParent = false
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.UseInitialSpawn = false
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.UseMaxSpawnCycles = false
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.UseRandomization = false
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.UseSoftRespawn = true

Property Documentation

CullingOptionsObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.CullingOptions
string ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.Key
GameObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.ReferenceGameObject
SpawnerObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.Spawner
List<SpawnPointObject> ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.SpawnPoints
ReferenceStatusObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.ReferenceDataObject.Status

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