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ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 OdourObject ()
 OdourObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
 OdourObject (OdourObject _data)
void Init (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
void HandleOdourMarker (Transform _transform)
void StartEffect (Transform _transform)
void StopEffect ()
float GetIntensityByDistance (float _distance)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourDataObject
 OdourDataObject ()
 OdourDataObject (OdourDataObject _data)
void Copy (OdourDataObject _odour)
void SetOdour (OdourContainer _odour)
OdourContainer GetOdour ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourDataObject
OdourType Type = OdourType.NONE
float Intensity = 50f
float IntensityMax = 100f
float Range = 25f
float RangeMax = 100f
bool UseMarker = false
float MarkerMinInterval = 2
float MarkerMaxInterval = 5
float MarkerIntervalMax = 60
ICECreatureMarker MarkerPrefab = null
bool UseEffect = false
GameObject EffectPrefab = null
- Protected Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourDataObject
GameObject m_Effect = null

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject.OdourObject ( )
ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject.OdourObject ( ICEWorldBehaviour  _component)
ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject.OdourObject ( OdourObject  _data)

Member Function Documentation

float ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject.GetIntensityByDistance ( float  _distance)

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void ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject.HandleOdourMarker ( Transform  _transform)
void ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject.Init ( ICEWorldBehaviour  _component)
void ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject.StartEffect ( Transform  _transform)
void ICE.Creatures.Objects.OdourObject.StopEffect ( )

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