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ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject Class Reference

Move object. Handles all creature motions. More...

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Public Member Functions

 MoveObject ()
 MoveObject (MoveObject _object)
 MoveObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
delegate void OnTargetMovePositionReachedEvent (GameObject _sender, TargetObject _target)
delegate void OnMoveCompleteEvent (GameObject _sender, TargetObject _target)
delegate void OnMoveUpdatePositionEvent (GameObject _sender, Vector3 _origin_position, ref Vector3 _new_position)
delegate void OnCustomMoveEvent (GameObject _sender, ref Vector3 _new_position, ref Quaternion _new_rotation)
delegate void OnMoveUpdateStepPositionEvent (GameObject _sender, Vector3 _origin_position, ref Vector3 _new_position)
delegate void OnMoveUpdateStepRotationEvent (GameObject _sender, Quaternion _origin_rotation, ref Quaternion _new_rotation)
void Stop ()
 Stops the move. More...
void Update (TargetObject _target, TargetObject _home, BehaviourModeRuleObject _rule)
 Updates the move. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionObject
 LocomotionObject ()
 LocomotionObject (LocomotionObject _object)
 LocomotionObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
Quaternion HandleGroundOrientation (Quaternion _rotation)
 Handles the ground orientation. More...
string UpdateGroundTextureName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject
 LocomotionMovesObject ()
 LocomotionMovesObject (LocomotionMovesObject _object)
 LocomotionMovesObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
 LocomotionInfoObject ()
 LocomotionInfoObject (LocomotionInfoObject _object)
 LocomotionInfoObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionDataObject
 LocomotionDataObject ()
 LocomotionDataObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
 LocomotionDataObject (LocomotionDataObject _object)
override void Init (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
void Copy (LocomotionDataObject _object)


OnTargetMovePositionReachedEvent OnTargetMovePositionReached
OnMoveCompleteEvent OnMoveComplete
OnMoveUpdatePositionEvent OnUpdateMovePosition
OnCustomMoveEvent OnCustomMove
OnMoveUpdateStepPositionEvent OnUpdateStepPosition
OnMoveUpdateStepRotationEvent OnUpdateStepRotation

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
bool AllowOutOfArea = true
- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionDataObject
BodyDataObject DefaultBody = new BodyDataObject()
MoveDataObject DefaultMove = new MoveDataObject()
MotionControlType MotionControl = MotionControlType.INTERNAL
bool UseInternalGravity = true
bool UseWorldGravity = true
float FallVelocityMax = 250
float FallVelocityMaximum = 300
float GravityInterpolator = 0.5f
float CustomGroundLevel = 0
float GroundLevelVariance = 0.5f
float VerticalRaycastOffset = 0.5f
float VerticalRaycastOffsetMaximum = 50
GroundCheckType GroundCheck = GroundCheckType.NONE
WaterCheckType WaterCheck = WaterCheckType.DEFAULT
ObstacleCheckType ObstacleCheck = ObstacleCheckType.NONE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionObject
Vector3 GetAvoidPosition ()
 Gets the avoid position. More...
Vector3 GetEscapePosition ()
 Gets the escape position. More...
Vector3 GetOrbitPosition ()
 Gets the orbit position. More...
Vector3 GetDetourPosition ()
 Gets the detour position. More...
Vector3 GetRandomPosition ()
 Gets a randomized position. More...
Vector3 ModulateMovePosition (Vector3 _owner_position, Vector3 _desired_move_position)
 Gets the modulated move position. More...
float GetCreatureGroundLevel ()
float GetCreatureGroundLevel (Vector3 _position)
 Gets the creature ground level. More...
float GetGroundLevelByPosition (Vector3 position)
 Gets the ground level. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject
bool HandleJump (Vector3 _end_pos, float _height)
bool HandleCrossBelowPosition (ref Vector3 _position)
bool HandleCrossOverPosition (ref Vector3 _position)
bool HandleGlidePosition (ref Vector3 _position)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
void SetCurrentTarget (TargetObject _target)
void SetHomeTarget (TargetObject _target)
void SetCurrentBehaviourModeRule (BehaviourModeRuleObject _rule)
float GetBestStoppingDistance ()
 Gets the best stopping distance. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
TargetObject m_CurrentTarget = null
TargetObject m_HomeTarget = null
Terrain m_SurfaceTerrain = null
TerrainData m_SurfaceTerrainData = null
ActionStatusType m_ActionStatus = ActionStatusType.IsUndefined
bool m_IsGrounded = true
float m_FallTime = 0
bool m_UseRootMotion = false
bool m_OutOfArea = false
float m_MoveStoppingDistance = 0
float m_Altitude = 0
float m_AbsoluteAltitude = 0
float m_GroundLevel = 0
Vector3 m_DesiredMovePosition =
Vector3 m_MovePosition =
Vector3 m_LastMovePosition =
Vector3 m_NavMeshCurrentMovePosition =
Vector3 m_MoveStepPosition =
Vector3 m_LastMoveStepPosition =
Vector3 m_LastTransformPosition =
Vector3 m_ObstacleAvoidancePosition =
Vector3 m_EscapeMovePosition =
Vector3 m_AvoidMovePosition =
Quaternion m_DesiredMoveRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_MoveRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_LastMoveRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_MoveStepRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_LastMoveStepRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_LastTransformRotation = Quaternion.identity
float m_TargetRelatedDirectionAngle = 0
float m_CreatureRelatedDirectionAngle = 0
float m_EscapeAngle = 0
float m_MoveDirection = 0
float m_MoveSpeed = 0
float m_MoveAngularSpeedRaw = 0
float m_MoveAngularSpeed = 0
float m_VerticalSpeed = 0
Vector3 m_MoveVelocity =
Vector3 m_MoveAngularVelocity =
Vector3 m_FinalMoveVelocity =
Vector3 m_FinalAngularVelocity =
bool m_HasDetour = false
bool m_DetourComplete = false
bool m_HasEscapePosition = false
bool m_HasAvoidPosition = false
Vector3 m_FrontLeftPosition =
Vector3 m_FrontRightPosition =
Vector3 m_BackLeftPosition =
Vector3 m_BackRightPosition =
Vector3 m_FrontLeftPositionGround =
Vector3 m_FrontRightPositionGround =
Vector3 m_BackLeftPositionGround =
Vector3 m_BackRightPositionGround =
- Protected Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionDataObject
float m_AutoHorizontalRaycastOffset = 0
float m_AutoVerticalRaycastOffset = 0
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject
float HorizontalJumpDistance [get]
float VerticalJumpDistance [get]
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
ICECreatureControl Controller [get]
Animator AnimatorComponent [get]
Animation AnimationComponent [get]
ICECreatureEntity EntityComponent [get]
Rigidbody RigidbodyComponent [get]
CharacterController CharacterControllerComponent [get]
NavMeshAgent NavMeshAgentComponent [get]
CreatureObject Creature [get]
TargetObject CurrentTarget [get]
TargetObject HomeTarget [get]
BehaviourModeRuleObject CurrentBehaviourModeRule [get]
Terrain SurfaceTerrain [get]
TerrainData SurfaceTerrainData [get]
ActionStatusType ActionStatus [get]
bool IsStopped [get]
bool IsJumping [get]
bool IsStopRequired [get]
bool IsCrossBelowRequired [get]
bool IsCrossOverRequired [get]
bool IsClimbing [get]
bool IsGrounded [get]
bool IsGliding [get]
bool IsFalling [get]
bool IsUndefined [get]
float BaseOffset [get]
 Gets the base offset. More...
bool UseRootMotion [get]
bool OutOfArea [get]
float MoveStoppingDistance [get]
float Altitude [get]
float AbsoluteAltitude [get]
float GroundLevel [get]
Vector3 DesiredMovePosition [get]
Vector3 MovePosition [get]
Vector3 LastMovePosition [get]
Vector3 NavMeshCurrentMovePosition [get]
Vector3 MoveStepPosition [get]
Vector3 LastMoveStepPosition [get]
Vector3 LastTransformPosition [get]
Vector3 ObstacleAvoidancePosition [get]
Vector3 EscapeMovePosition [get]
Vector3 AvoidMovePosition [get]
Quaternion DesiredMoveRotation [get]
Quaternion MoveRotation [get]
Quaternion LastMoveRotation [get]
Quaternion MoveStepRotation [get]
Quaternion LastMoveStepRotation [get]
Quaternion LastTransformRotation [get]
float TargetRelatedDirectionAngle [get]
float CreatureRelatedDirectionAngle [get]
float EscapeAngle [get]
float MoveDirectionAngle [get]
float MoveSpeed [get]
float MoveInterpolatedAngularSpeed [get]
float MoveAngularSpeed [get]
float VerticalSpeed [get]
Vector3 MoveVelocity [get]
Vector3 MoveAngularVelocity [get]
Vector3 FinalMoveVelocity [get]
Vector3 FinalAngularVelocity [get]
bool UseRigidbody [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject use rigidbody. More...
bool RigidbodyReady [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject rigidbody ready. More...
bool UseCharacterController [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject use character controller. More...
bool CharacterControllerReady [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject character controller ready. More...
bool UseNavMeshAgent [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject use nav mesh agent. More...
bool NavMeshAgentReady [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject NavMeshAgent ready. More...
bool NavMeshAgentHasPath [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject NavMeshAgent has path. More...
bool NavMeshAgentIsOnNavMesh [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject NavMeshAgent is on navigation mesh. More...
bool HasDetour [get]
bool DetourComplete [get]
bool HasEscape [get]
bool HasAvoid [get]
Vector3 FrontLeftPosition [get]
Vector3 FrontRightPosition [get]
Vector3 BackLeftPosition [get]
Vector3 BackRightPosition [get]
Vector3 FrontLeftPositionGround [get]
Vector3 FrontRightPositionGround [get]
Vector3 BackLeftPositionGround [get]
Vector3 BackRightPositionGround [get]
bool MovePositionUpdateRequired [get]
bool MovePositionReached [get]
bool TargetMovePositionReached [get]
bool DetourPositionReached [get]
float MovePositionDistance [get]
float TargetMovePositionDistance [get]
float DetourPositionDistance [get]
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionDataObject
BodyDataObject CurrentBody [get]
CurrentMoveDataObject CurrentMove [get]
MoveDeadlockObject Deadlock [get, set]
OverlapPreventionObject OverlapPrevention [get, set]
GroundAvoidanceObject GroundAvoidance [get, set]
ObstacleAvoidanceObject ObstacleAvoidance [get, set]
float Gravity [get, set]
float AutoVerticalRaycastOffset [get]
LayerObject GroundLayer [get, set]
LayerObject WaterLayer [get, set]
LayerObject ObstacleLayer [get, set]
LayerMask GroundLayerMask [get]
LayerMask WaterLayerMask [get]
LayerMask ObstacleLayerMask [get]
LayerMask OverlapPreventionLayerMask [get]

Detailed Description

Move object. Handles all creature motions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.MoveObject ( )
ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.MoveObject ( MoveObject  _object)
ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.MoveObject ( ICEWorldBehaviour  _component)

Member Function Documentation

delegate void ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnCustomMoveEvent ( GameObject  _sender,
ref Vector3  _new_position,
ref Quaternion  _new_rotation 
delegate void ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnMoveCompleteEvent ( GameObject  _sender,
TargetObject  _target 
delegate void ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnMoveUpdatePositionEvent ( GameObject  _sender,
Vector3  _origin_position,
ref Vector3  _new_position 
delegate void ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnMoveUpdateStepPositionEvent ( GameObject  _sender,
Vector3  _origin_position,
ref Vector3  _new_position 
delegate void ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnMoveUpdateStepRotationEvent ( GameObject  _sender,
Quaternion  _origin_rotation,
ref Quaternion  _new_rotation 
delegate void ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnTargetMovePositionReachedEvent ( GameObject  _sender,
TargetObject  _target 
void ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.Stop ( )

Stops the move.

void ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.Update ( TargetObject  _target,
TargetObject  _home,
BehaviourModeRuleObject  _rule 

Updates the move.


Event Documentation

OnCustomMoveEvent ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnCustomMove
OnMoveCompleteEvent ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnMoveComplete
OnTargetMovePositionReachedEvent ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnTargetMovePositionReached
OnMoveUpdatePositionEvent ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnUpdateMovePosition
OnMoveUpdateStepPositionEvent ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnUpdateStepPosition
OnMoveUpdateStepRotationEvent ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject.OnUpdateStepRotation

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