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ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 LocomotionMovesObject ()
 LocomotionMovesObject (LocomotionMovesObject _object)
 LocomotionMovesObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
 LocomotionInfoObject ()
 LocomotionInfoObject (LocomotionInfoObject _object)
 LocomotionInfoObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionDataObject
 LocomotionDataObject ()
 LocomotionDataObject (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
 LocomotionDataObject (LocomotionDataObject _object)
override void Init (ICEWorldBehaviour _component)
void Copy (LocomotionDataObject _object)

Protected Member Functions

bool HandleJump (Vector3 _end_pos, float _height)
bool HandleCrossBelowPosition (ref Vector3 _position)
bool HandleCrossOverPosition (ref Vector3 _position)
bool HandleGlidePosition (ref Vector3 _position)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
void SetCurrentTarget (TargetObject _target)
void SetHomeTarget (TargetObject _target)
void SetCurrentBehaviourModeRule (BehaviourModeRuleObject _rule)
float GetBestStoppingDistance ()
 Gets the best stopping distance. More...


float HorizontalJumpDistance [get]
float VerticalJumpDistance [get]
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
ICECreatureControl Controller [get]
Animator AnimatorComponent [get]
Animation AnimationComponent [get]
ICECreatureEntity EntityComponent [get]
Rigidbody RigidbodyComponent [get]
CharacterController CharacterControllerComponent [get]
NavMeshAgent NavMeshAgentComponent [get]
CreatureObject Creature [get]
TargetObject CurrentTarget [get]
TargetObject HomeTarget [get]
BehaviourModeRuleObject CurrentBehaviourModeRule [get]
Terrain SurfaceTerrain [get]
TerrainData SurfaceTerrainData [get]
ActionStatusType ActionStatus [get]
bool IsStopped [get]
bool IsJumping [get]
bool IsStopRequired [get]
bool IsCrossBelowRequired [get]
bool IsCrossOverRequired [get]
bool IsClimbing [get]
bool IsGrounded [get]
bool IsGliding [get]
bool IsFalling [get]
bool IsUndefined [get]
float BaseOffset [get]
 Gets the base offset. More...
bool UseRootMotion [get]
bool OutOfArea [get]
float MoveStoppingDistance [get]
float Altitude [get]
float AbsoluteAltitude [get]
float GroundLevel [get]
Vector3 DesiredMovePosition [get]
Vector3 MovePosition [get]
Vector3 LastMovePosition [get]
Vector3 NavMeshCurrentMovePosition [get]
Vector3 MoveStepPosition [get]
Vector3 LastMoveStepPosition [get]
Vector3 LastTransformPosition [get]
Vector3 ObstacleAvoidancePosition [get]
Vector3 EscapeMovePosition [get]
Vector3 AvoidMovePosition [get]
Quaternion DesiredMoveRotation [get]
Quaternion MoveRotation [get]
Quaternion LastMoveRotation [get]
Quaternion MoveStepRotation [get]
Quaternion LastMoveStepRotation [get]
Quaternion LastTransformRotation [get]
float TargetRelatedDirectionAngle [get]
float CreatureRelatedDirectionAngle [get]
float EscapeAngle [get]
float MoveDirectionAngle [get]
float MoveSpeed [get]
float MoveInterpolatedAngularSpeed [get]
float MoveAngularSpeed [get]
float VerticalSpeed [get]
Vector3 MoveVelocity [get]
Vector3 MoveAngularVelocity [get]
Vector3 FinalMoveVelocity [get]
Vector3 FinalAngularVelocity [get]
bool UseRigidbody [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject use rigidbody. More...
bool RigidbodyReady [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject rigidbody ready. More...
bool UseCharacterController [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject use character controller. More...
bool CharacterControllerReady [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject character controller ready. More...
bool UseNavMeshAgent [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject use nav mesh agent. More...
bool NavMeshAgentReady [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject NavMeshAgent ready. More...
bool NavMeshAgentHasPath [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject NavMeshAgent has path. More...
bool NavMeshAgentIsOnNavMesh [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.MoveObject NavMeshAgent is on navigation mesh. More...
bool HasDetour [get]
bool DetourComplete [get]
bool HasEscape [get]
bool HasAvoid [get]
Vector3 FrontLeftPosition [get]
Vector3 FrontRightPosition [get]
Vector3 BackLeftPosition [get]
Vector3 BackRightPosition [get]
Vector3 FrontLeftPositionGround [get]
Vector3 FrontRightPositionGround [get]
Vector3 BackLeftPositionGround [get]
Vector3 BackRightPositionGround [get]
bool MovePositionUpdateRequired [get]
bool MovePositionReached [get]
bool TargetMovePositionReached [get]
bool DetourPositionReached [get]
float MovePositionDistance [get]
float TargetMovePositionDistance [get]
float DetourPositionDistance [get]
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionDataObject
BodyDataObject CurrentBody [get]
CurrentMoveDataObject CurrentMove [get]
MoveDeadlockObject Deadlock [get, set]
OverlapPreventionObject OverlapPrevention [get, set]
GroundAvoidanceObject GroundAvoidance [get, set]
ObstacleAvoidanceObject ObstacleAvoidance [get, set]
float Gravity [get, set]
float AutoVerticalRaycastOffset [get]
LayerObject GroundLayer [get, set]
LayerObject WaterLayer [get, set]
LayerObject ObstacleLayer [get, set]
LayerMask GroundLayerMask [get]
LayerMask WaterLayerMask [get]
LayerMask ObstacleLayerMask [get]
LayerMask OverlapPreventionLayerMask [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
bool AllowOutOfArea = true
- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionDataObject
BodyDataObject DefaultBody = new BodyDataObject()
MoveDataObject DefaultMove = new MoveDataObject()
MotionControlType MotionControl = MotionControlType.INTERNAL
bool UseInternalGravity = true
bool UseWorldGravity = true
float FallVelocityMax = 250
float FallVelocityMaximum = 300
float GravityInterpolator = 0.5f
float CustomGroundLevel = 0
float GroundLevelVariance = 0.5f
float VerticalRaycastOffset = 0.5f
float VerticalRaycastOffsetMaximum = 50
GroundCheckType GroundCheck = GroundCheckType.NONE
WaterCheckType WaterCheck = WaterCheckType.DEFAULT
ObstacleCheckType ObstacleCheck = ObstacleCheckType.NONE
- Protected Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionInfoObject
TargetObject m_CurrentTarget = null
TargetObject m_HomeTarget = null
Terrain m_SurfaceTerrain = null
TerrainData m_SurfaceTerrainData = null
ActionStatusType m_ActionStatus = ActionStatusType.IsUndefined
bool m_IsGrounded = true
float m_FallTime = 0
bool m_UseRootMotion = false
bool m_OutOfArea = false
float m_MoveStoppingDistance = 0
float m_Altitude = 0
float m_AbsoluteAltitude = 0
float m_GroundLevel = 0
Vector3 m_DesiredMovePosition =
Vector3 m_MovePosition =
Vector3 m_LastMovePosition =
Vector3 m_NavMeshCurrentMovePosition =
Vector3 m_MoveStepPosition =
Vector3 m_LastMoveStepPosition =
Vector3 m_LastTransformPosition =
Vector3 m_ObstacleAvoidancePosition =
Vector3 m_EscapeMovePosition =
Vector3 m_AvoidMovePosition =
Quaternion m_DesiredMoveRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_MoveRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_LastMoveRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_MoveStepRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_LastMoveStepRotation = Quaternion.identity
Quaternion m_LastTransformRotation = Quaternion.identity
float m_TargetRelatedDirectionAngle = 0
float m_CreatureRelatedDirectionAngle = 0
float m_EscapeAngle = 0
float m_MoveDirection = 0
float m_MoveSpeed = 0
float m_MoveAngularSpeedRaw = 0
float m_MoveAngularSpeed = 0
float m_VerticalSpeed = 0
Vector3 m_MoveVelocity =
Vector3 m_MoveAngularVelocity =
Vector3 m_FinalMoveVelocity =
Vector3 m_FinalAngularVelocity =
bool m_HasDetour = false
bool m_DetourComplete = false
bool m_HasEscapePosition = false
bool m_HasAvoidPosition = false
Vector3 m_FrontLeftPosition =
Vector3 m_FrontRightPosition =
Vector3 m_BackLeftPosition =
Vector3 m_BackRightPosition =
Vector3 m_FrontLeftPositionGround =
Vector3 m_FrontRightPositionGround =
Vector3 m_BackLeftPositionGround =
Vector3 m_BackRightPositionGround =
- Protected Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionDataObject
float m_AutoHorizontalRaycastOffset = 0
float m_AutoVerticalRaycastOffset = 0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.LocomotionMovesObject ( )
ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.LocomotionMovesObject ( LocomotionMovesObject  _object)
ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.LocomotionMovesObject ( ICEWorldBehaviour  _component)

Member Function Documentation

bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.HandleCrossBelowPosition ( ref Vector3  _position)
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.HandleCrossOverPosition ( ref Vector3  _position)
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.HandleGlidePosition ( ref Vector3  _position)
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.HandleJump ( Vector3  _end_pos,
float  _height 

Property Documentation

float ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.HorizontalJumpDistance
float ICE.Creatures.Objects.LocomotionMovesObject.VerticalJumpDistance

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