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ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 InteractorObject ()
 InteractorObject (InteractorObject _interactor)
void Copy (InteractorObject _object)
InteractorRuleObject GetRuleByIndexOffset (int _offset)
List< InteractorRuleObjectGetRulesByDistance (float _distance)
void LateUpdates (GameObject _owner, float _speed)
void FixedUpdates ()
void PrepareTargets (GameObject _owner)
bool AutoCreate (GameObject _object, StatusObject _status)
bool CreateAutoCreatureRules (StatusObject _own_status, StatusObject _target_status)
bool CreateAutoPlayerRules (StatusObject _own_status)
InteractorRuleObject CreateAutoRule (string _key, float _range, int _priority)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.TargetObject
 TargetObject ()
 TargetObject (TargetType _type)
 TargetObject (TargetObject _target)
 TargetObject (TargetDataObject _data)
void ResetTargetGameObject ()
string GetBestBehaviourModeKey (GameObject _owner)
GameObject[] GetBestTargetGameObjects (GameObject _owner)
GameObject GetBestTargetGameObject (GameObject _owner)
 Gets the best TargetGameObject. More...
List< GameObject > GetAllTargetGameObjects (GameObject _owner)
 Gets all target game objects. More...
void SetTargetDefaultValues (List< TargetObject > _targets)
 Sets the target default values. More...
List< TargetObjectReadTargetAttributeData ()
 Reads the target default values. More...
Renderer TargetRenderer ()
InventoryObject Inventory ()
OdourObject Odour ()
bool TargetTimeCheckComplied (CreatureObject _creature, bool _final_result)
bool TargetBasicCheckComplied (CreatureObject _creature)
bool BasicCheckSkipped ()
bool CompareTarget (TargetObject _target)
float Smellability (StatusObject _status)
float Audibility (StatusObject _status)
bool TargetInFieldOfView (StatusObject _status)
bool TargetIsSmellable (StatusObject _status)
 Target is smellable. More...
bool TargetIsAudible (StatusObject _status)
 Target is audible. More...
bool TargetIsVisible (StatusObject _status)
 Target is visible. More...
bool TargetInSelectionRange (Transform _transform)
void UpdateRandomRange (float _random_range)
void SetActive (GameObject _owner)
void SetActive (bool _value)
 Activates or deactives the target More...
bool TargetIsChildOf (Transform _transform)
bool UpdateTargetMovePositionOffset ()
void UpdateOffset (Vector3 _offset)
void UpdateOffset (float _angle, float _distance)
Vector3 CheckPosition (Vector3 _position)
 Checks the position. More...
Vector3 SetTargetMovePosition (Vector3 _position)
bool TargetInMaxRange (Vector3 position)
 Targets the in max range. More...
bool TargetMovePositionReached (Vector3 position)
 Target move position was reached. More...
float TargetMovePositionDistanceTo (Vector3 _position)
 Targets the move position distance to. More...
float TargetLastKnownPositionDistanceTo (Vector3 _position)
 Targets the last known position distance to. More...
float TargetOffsetPositionDistanceTo (Vector3 _position)
 Targets the offset position distance to. More...
float TargetDistanceTo (Vector3 _position)
 Targets distance between its transform position and the specified position. More...
void Update (GameObject _owner)
 Update More...
void LateUpdate (GameObject _owner, float _speed)
 Late update. More...
void FixedUpdate ()
 Fixed update. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.TargetDataObject
 TargetDataObject ()
 TargetDataObject (TargetType _type)
 TargetDataObject (TargetDataObject _data)
void OnBeforeSerialize ()
void OnAfterDeserialize ()
void Copy (TargetDataObject _data)
void SetOwner (GameObject _owner)
void SetTargetByTag (string _tag, GameObject _owner=null)
 Sets the target by tag. More...
void SetTargetByName (string _name, GameObject _owner=null)
 Sets the name of the target by. More...
void SetTargetByGameObject (GameObject _object)
 Sets the target by game object. More...
GameObject OverrideTargetGameObject (GameObject _object)
 Overrides the TargetGameObject. More...
void SetType (TargetType _type)
void SetIsPrefab (bool _value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.EntityDataObject
 EntityDataObject ()
 EntityDataObject (EntityDataObject _data)
void Copy (EntityDataObject _data)

Public Attributes

bool InteractorFoldout = true
bool ShowInteractorInfoText = false
string InteractorInfoText = ""
- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.TargetObject
bool TargetMoveComplete = false
float OffsetDistanceMax = 100
- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.TargetDataObject
string BehaviourModeKey = ""
TargetAccessType AccessType = TargetAccessType.NAME
bool UseChildObjects = false


int AveragePriority [get]
List< InteractorRuleObjectRules [get, set]
InteractorRuleObject PreviousRule [get]
InteractorRuleObject ActiveRule [get]
bool IsValidAndEnabled [get]
List< TargetObjectPreparedTargets [get]
int PreparedTargetsCount [get]
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.TargetObject
Vector3 TargetDirection [get]
Vector3 TargetVelocity [get]
float TargetSpeed [get]
Transform TargetTransform [get]
float Age [get]
 Gets the age of the target entity object or 0. More...
bool TargetIsDead [get]
MoveType TargetMoveType [get]
int SelectionPriority [get]
bool IsVisible [get]
bool IsAudible [get]
bool IsSmellable [get]
float TargetMaxRange [get]
float ActiveTimeTotal [get]
float ActiveTime [get]
bool Active [get]
bool IsValid [get]
bool IsValidAndReady [get]
Vector3 TargetTransformPosition [get]
 Gets the target transform position. More...
Vector3 TargetTransformForward [get]
 Gets the target transform forward. More...
Vector3 TargetOffsetPosition [get]
 Gets the target offset position. More...
float OffsetAngle [get]
float OffsetDistance [get]
Vector3 DesiredTargetMovePosition [get]
Vector3 TargetLastKnownPosition [get]
Vector3 TargetMovePosition [get]
 Gets the target move position. More...
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.TargetDataObject
GameObject Owner [get]
BehaviourEventsObject Events [get, set]
BroadcastMessageObject GroupMessage [get, set]
SelectionCriteriaObject Selectors [get, set]
TargetMoveObject Move [get, set]
TargetBehaviourObject Behaviour [get, set]
InfluenceObject Influences [get, set]
string TargetTag [get, set]
string TargetName [get, set]
string TargetParentName [get]
 Gets the name of the target parent. More...
bool TargetHasParent [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this ICE.Creatures.Objects.TargetDataObject target has parent. More...
int LastTargetID [get]
int TargetID [get]
GameObject TargetGameObject [get]
 Gets the target GameObject. More...
TargetType Type [get]
bool IsPrefab [get]
string TargetTitle [get]
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.Objects.EntityDataObject
EntityClassType EntityType [get]
new ICECreatureEntity EntityComponent [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureControl instance or null. More...
ICECreatureControl EntityCreature [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureControl instance or null. More...
ICECreaturePlayer EntityPlayer [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreaturePlayer instance or null. More...
ICECreaturePlant EntityPlant [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreaturePlant instance or null. More...
ICECreatureItem EntityItem [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureItem instance or null. More...
ICECreatureLocation EntityLocation [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureLocation instance or null. More...
ICECreatureWaypoint EntityWaypoint [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureWaypoint instance or null. More...
ICECreatureMarker EntityMarker [get]
 Returns the Entity as ICECreatureMarker instance or null. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.InteractorObject ( )
ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.InteractorObject ( InteractorObject  _interactor)

Member Function Documentation

bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.AutoCreate ( GameObject  _object,
StatusObject  _status 

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.Copy ( InteractorObject  _object)
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.CreateAutoCreatureRules ( StatusObject  _own_status,
StatusObject  _target_status 
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.CreateAutoPlayerRules ( StatusObject  _own_status)
InteractorRuleObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.CreateAutoRule ( string  _key,
float  _range,
int  _priority 

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void ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.FixedUpdates ( )

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InteractorRuleObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.GetRuleByIndexOffset ( int  _offset)
List<InteractorRuleObject> ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.GetRulesByDistance ( float  _distance)

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void ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.LateUpdates ( GameObject  _owner,
float  _speed 

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

void ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.PrepareTargets ( GameObject  _owner)

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.InteractorFoldout = true
string ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.InteractorInfoText = ""
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.ShowInteractorInfoText = false

Property Documentation

InteractorRuleObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.ActiveRule
int ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.AveragePriority
bool ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.IsValidAndEnabled
List<TargetObject> ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.PreparedTargets
int ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.PreparedTargetsCount
InteractorRuleObject ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.PreviousRule
List<InteractorRuleObject> ICE.Creatures.Objects.InteractorObject.Rules

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