ICECreatureControl  1.3.2
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ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureControlDebug Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

override void Awake ()
override void OnDrawGizmosSelected ()
 Raises the draw gizmos selected event. More...
override void OnDrawGizmos ()
 Raises the draw gizmos event. More...
override void DrawGizmos (bool _enabled)
 Draws the gizmos. More...


DebugObject CreatureDebug [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureControlDebug.Awake ( )
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureControlDebug.DrawGizmos ( bool  _enabled)

Draws the gizmos.

_enabledIf set to true enabled.

Here is the call graph for this function:

override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureControlDebug.OnDrawGizmos ( )

Raises the draw gizmos event.

override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureControlDebug.OnDrawGizmosSelected ( )

Raises the draw gizmos selected event.

Property Documentation

DebugObject ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureControlDebug.CreatureDebug

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