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ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

delegate void OnCustomAnimationEvent ()
delegate void OnCustomAnimationUpdateEvent ()
delegate void OnBehaviourModeChangedEvent (GameObject _sender, BehaviourModeObject _new_mode, BehaviourModeObject _last_mode)
delegate void OnBehaviourModeRuleChangedEvent (GameObject _sender, BehaviourModeRuleObject _new_rule, BehaviourModeRuleObject _last_rule)
virtual void DoCustomAnimation ()
virtual void DoCustomAnimationUpdate ()
virtual void DoBehaviourModeChanged (GameObject _sender, BehaviourModeObject _new_mode, BehaviourModeObject _last_mode)
virtual void DoBehaviourModeRuleChanged (GameObject _sender, BehaviourModeRuleObject _new_rule, BehaviourModeRuleObject _last_rule)
override void Awake ()
override void Start ()
override void OnEnable ()
override void OnDisable ()
override void Update ()
override void LateUpdate ()
override void FixedUpdate ()
override void OnCollisionEnter (Collision _collision)
override void OnCollisionStay (Collision _collision)
override void OnCollisionExit (Collision _collision)
override void OnTriggerEnter (Collider _collider)
override void OnTriggerStay (Collider _collider)
override void OnTriggerExit (Collider _collider)
override void OnControllerColliderHit (ControllerColliderHit hit)
abstract void UpdateBegin ()
abstract void ReactComplete ()
abstract void MoveComplete ()
abstract void UpdateComplete ()
abstract void FixedUpdateBegin ()
abstract void FixedUpdateComplete ()
override void ApplyDamage (float _damage)
 Applies damage is the standard method to apply damage to the creature ... More...
virtual void ApplyHunger (float _value)
virtual void ApplyThirst (float _value)
virtual void ApplyDebility (float _value)
virtual void ApplyStress (float _value)
virtual void ApplyAggressivity (float _value)
virtual void ApplyAnxiety (float _value)
virtual void ApplyExperience (float _value)
virtual void ApplyNosiness (float _value)
virtual void ApplyInfluence (InfluenceDataObject _influence, Vector3 influence_direction, Vector3 _attacker_position, Transform _attacker, float _force=0)
void TriggerBehaviourRuleAudio ()
virtual void React ()
override void Reset ()
virtual void Move ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureEntity
void AddTarget (ICECreatureEntity _entity)
void RemoveTarget (ICECreatureEntity _entity)
bool TargetExists (ICECreatureEntity _entity)
bool CompareTarget (ICECreatureEntity _entity_1, ICECreatureEntity _entity_2)
override void Awake ()
 Awake this instance and runs the registration process. If you override this method please make sure to call base.Register or register the target by your own code. More...
override void OnEnable ()
override void OnDisable ()
override void OnDestroy ()
 Raises the destroy event and runs the deregistration process. If you override this method please make sure to call base.Deregister or deregister the target by your own code. More...
override void Update ()
override void LateUpdate ()
bool IsInZone (string _name)
void EnterZone (string _name)
void ExitZone (string _name)
override void OnTriggerEnter (Collider _collider)
override void OnTriggerStay (Collider _collider)
override void OnTriggerExit (Collider _collider)

Public Attributes

DisplayData Display = new DisplayData()
- Public Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureEntity
float BaseOffset = 0
 The base offset can be used to adapt the correct ground level of the object. More...
float BaseOffsetMaximum = 1

Protected Member Functions

override void OnRegisterBehaviourEvents ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureOrganism
override void OnRegisterBehaviourEvents ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureEntity
override void OnRegisterBehaviourEvents ()
override void Register ()
override void Deregister ()
override void Remove ()
 Removes this instance according to the defined reference group settings of the CreatureRegister. In cases UseSoftRespawn is active the target will be dactivate, stored and prepared for its next action, otherwise the object will be destroyed. More...


override EntityClassType EntityType [get]
 Gets the entity classification type of the object More...
CreatureObject Creature [get, set]
override ICE.World.Objects.EntityStatusObject Status [get]
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureOrganism
override EntityClassType EntityType [get]
 Gets the entity classification type of the object More...
- Properties inherited from ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureEntity
virtual EntityClassType EntityType [get]
 Gets the entity classification type of the object More...
ReferenceGroupObject ReferenceGroup [get]
List< ICECreatureEntityTargetEntities [get]
MessageObject Message [get, set]
Vector3 LastPosition [get]
Quaternion LastRotation [get]
Vector3 Velocity [get]
Vector3 FrameVelocity [get]


OnCustomAnimationEvent OnCustomAnimation
OnCustomAnimationUpdateEvent OnCustomAnimationUpdate
OnBehaviourModeChangedEvent OnBehaviourModeChanged
OnBehaviourModeRuleChangedEvent OnBehaviourModeRuleChanged

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureEntity
ReferenceGroupObject m_ReferenceGroup = null
 Contains the ReferenceGroup in which the target will be listed after the registration process. ReferenceGroup will be null if the target is not registered. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyAggressivity ( float  _value)
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyAnxiety ( float  _value)
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyDamage ( float  _damage)

Applies damage is the standard method to apply damage to the creature ...

virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyDebility ( float  _value)
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyExperience ( float  _value)
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyHunger ( float  _value)
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyInfluence ( InfluenceDataObject  _influence,
Vector3  influence_direction,
Vector3  _attacker_position,
Transform  _attacker,
float  _force = 0 
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyNosiness ( float  _value)
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyStress ( float  _value)
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ApplyThirst ( float  _value)
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.Awake ( )
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.DoBehaviourModeChanged ( GameObject  _sender,
BehaviourModeObject  _new_mode,
BehaviourModeObject  _last_mode 
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.DoBehaviourModeRuleChanged ( GameObject  _sender,
BehaviourModeRuleObject  _new_rule,
BehaviourModeRuleObject  _last_rule 
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.DoCustomAnimation ( )
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.DoCustomAnimationUpdate ( )
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.FixedUpdate ( )
abstract void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.FixedUpdateBegin ( )
pure virtual
abstract void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.FixedUpdateComplete ( )
pure virtual
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.LateUpdate ( )
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.Move ( )
abstract void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.MoveComplete ( )
pure virtual
delegate void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnBehaviourModeChangedEvent ( GameObject  _sender,
BehaviourModeObject  _new_mode,
BehaviourModeObject  _last_mode 
delegate void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnBehaviourModeRuleChangedEvent ( GameObject  _sender,
BehaviourModeRuleObject  _new_rule,
BehaviourModeRuleObject  _last_rule 
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnCollisionEnter ( Collision  _collision)
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnCollisionExit ( Collision  _collision)
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnCollisionStay ( Collision  _collision)
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnControllerColliderHit ( ControllerColliderHit  hit)
delegate void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnCustomAnimationEvent ( )
delegate void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnCustomAnimationUpdateEvent ( )
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnDisable ( )
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnEnable ( )
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnRegisterBehaviourEvents ( )
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnTriggerEnter ( Collider  _collider)
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnTriggerExit ( Collider  _collider)
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnTriggerStay ( Collider  _collider)
virtual void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.React ( )

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abstract void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.ReactComplete ( )
pure virtual
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.Reset ( )
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.Start ( )
void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.TriggerBehaviourRuleAudio ( )
override void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.Update ( )
abstract void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.UpdateBegin ( )
pure virtual
abstract void ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.UpdateComplete ( )
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

DisplayData ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.Display = new DisplayData()

Property Documentation

CreatureObject ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.Creature
override EntityClassType ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.EntityType

Gets the entity classification type of the object

The classification type of the entity.

The EntityClassType will be used to quickly identify the correct class type of a derived entity object without casts

override ICE.World.Objects.EntityStatusObject ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.Status

Event Documentation

OnBehaviourModeChangedEvent ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnBehaviourModeChanged
OnBehaviourModeRuleChangedEvent ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnBehaviourModeRuleChanged
OnCustomAnimationEvent ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnCustomAnimation
OnCustomAnimationUpdateEvent ICE.Creatures.ICECreatureCharacter.OnCustomAnimationUpdate

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