ICECreatureControl  1.3.2
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ICE.Creatures.EditorUtilities.CreatureEditorLayout Class Reference

ICE custom editor layout. More...

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Static Public Member Functions

static void DrawMove (ref float _segment, ref float _max_segment, ref float _stop, ref float _directional_variance, ref float _deviation, ref float _max_deviation, ref float _deviation_variance, ref bool _level, string _help="")
 Draws the move. More...
static float DrawStoppingDistance (float _distance, ref float _maximum, ref bool _ignore_level_difference, ref bool _zone_restricted)
 Draws the stopping distance. More...
static float DrawInfluenceSlider (string _title, string _tooltip, float _value, ref bool _use_percent, float _maximum=0, string _help="")
 Draws the influence slider. More...

Detailed Description

ICE custom editor layout.

Member Function Documentation

static float ICE.Creatures.EditorUtilities.CreatureEditorLayout.DrawInfluenceSlider ( string  _title,
string  _tooltip,
float  _value,
ref bool  _use_percent,
float  _maximum = 0,
string  _help = "" 

Draws the influence slider.

The influence slider.
_use_percentUse percent.

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static void ICE.Creatures.EditorUtilities.CreatureEditorLayout.DrawMove ( ref float  _segment,
ref float  _max_segment,
ref float  _stop,
ref float  _directional_variance,
ref float  _deviation,
ref float  _max_deviation,
ref float  _deviation_variance,
ref bool  _level,
string  _help = "" 

Draws the move.

_max_segmentMax segment.
_directional_varianceDirectional variance.
_max_deviationMax deviation.
_deviation_varianceDeviation variance.
static float ICE.Creatures.EditorUtilities.CreatureEditorLayout.DrawStoppingDistance ( float  _distance,
ref float  _maximum,
ref bool  _ignore_level_difference,
ref bool  _zone_restricted 

Draws the stopping distance.

The stopping distance.
_ignore_level_differenceIgnore level difference.
_zone_restrictedZone restricted.

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