ICECreatureControl  1.3.2
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ICE.Creatures.Attributes.ICECreatureAttributeEditor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

override void OnInspectorGUI ()
virtual T DrawEntityHeader< T > ()
 Draws the header. More...
virtual void DrawFooter (ICECreatureAttribute _target)
 Draws the footer. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual T ICE.Creatures.Attributes.ICECreatureAttributeEditor.DrawEntityHeader< T > ( )

Draws the header.

The header.
Template Parameters
TThe 1st type parameter.
Type Constraints
T :ICECreatureAttribute 
virtual void ICE.Creatures.Attributes.ICECreatureAttributeEditor.DrawFooter ( ICECreatureAttribute  _target)

Draws the footer.

override void ICE.Creatures.Attributes.ICECreatureAttributeEditor.OnInspectorGUI ( )

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