CAUTION – failure with the lightmaps of the demos scenes!!!

Dear Customers,
while testing ICECreatureControl 1.0 with the latest Unity version, the asset importer crashed during the import and I got a failure with the lightmaps of the demos scenes.
>> A default asset was created for
>> ‘Assets/ICE/DemoScenes/ICECreatureControlDemos/BasicDemoScene/LightmapSnapshot.asset’
>> because the asset importer crashed on it last time.
I’m not sure it’s a general problem or just a local one but in cases you’ll have this bug while installing the asset I want to announce you a simple solutions to fix it.
Before importing ICECreatureControl just deactivate the lightmaps of the demos scenes in the asset importer or delete the demo lightmaps before open your project in Unity 5.2.1 – that’s all!

It’s not a big deal but in cases unity crashed while you have open a complex scene it could be a big problem. So please be informed and careful if you reimport the asset or when you update your project to 5.2.1. I’ll also force my update work to provide you the next version as soon as possible.


I’m Pit Vetterick and I’m working since a quarter century as an indie developer and artist. My core business is software engineering, but I’m a snoopy dog, with a deep interest in technological innovations and so I have professional experience with digital media productions and their associated technologies as well, especially with Modelling and Animation, Motion Capture, Screen Design, Digital Post, Architecture Visualization and Automation. ICECreatureControl is my first official Asset, which is available on the Asset Store to breathe life into your virtual Characters and I really hope you and the community like it, because I’ve so much more ideas for new features, but also for further components, which I want to realize, to provide you a large framework of valuable and helpful components for your own ideas and projects. Best wishes, Pit

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