ICECreatureControl and UFPS

Dear Customers, I am pleased to announce that an update of the ICECreatureUFPSAdapter is available now. The new version allows your creature to wound the UFPS Player during a short-range attack without additional scripts and trigger, quite simply by defining the desired attack behaviour and the in-fighting range of the creature.



Additional to the ICECreatureUFPSAdapter you can find here a simple demo scene, which demonstrates how ICECreatureControl works with UFPS.

Here you can download the demo package:

Please consider that this demo requires ICECreatureControl and UFPS, so please make sure that both packages are installed before opening the demo scene file.


Btw. the character in the scene is the Earthborn Troll of Sou Chen Ki. The package is included in the demo scene but also available here:!/content/13541